QR Code Killer - Press Kit

Writen By Joseph Finci

Last Edited 08/2019

Quick Facts


QR Code Killer


Alt Space Games, Adelaide, South Australia. Website

Release Date

Q4 2019


PC Steam, Itch.io (Companion app Android)

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QR Code Killer is an immersive murder mystery game which takes advantage of mobile AR technology to get the player truly immersed in the game. You play as a New York Detective named Edward and on your way to work with your partner, mid conversation the train power gets cut and your partner Alfred gets murdered. The killer has left clues around in the form of QR codes, it's your job to use the companion app to investigate the crime scene and use the information gathered to interrogate key suspects.

The interrogation process starts by you inputting a key word from a piece of evidence, then you must break down the suspects replies and get more information out of them, but not everyone will tell the truth. As a detective your job is to expose the lies and find out who the murder is and what they used to murder your partner then you can make a accusation using your companion app.



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The Team

Joe Finci

Team Lead/Designer

Marko Drca


Asha Waterman


Beck Rowse


The Studio

Alt Space Games is an Australian indie game studio based in Adelaide. We have a passion to make fresh games that we feel the player will enjoy. We love investing in new tech and inqorperating it into out games.

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